MSD Update on Former Employee Arrested.


We are grateful for our partnership with the Medford Police Department, specifically our School Resource Officers and the Medford Police Department team who diligently worked this investigation to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Throughout this investigation, they kept us informed and clearly prevented what could have been a tragic situation.

At South Medford High School and throughout the Medford School District, we utilize a multi-layer security system that involves training for prevention, detection and response; and includes physical elements such as cameras, locks, and security alarms. This is also a reminder of why we continually train on security and safety protocols, both in-person and online.  

The Medford School District does have a thorough process when hiring staff members that includes a criminal background check, drug test, and reference check. The individual in the case had no prior convictions or red flags on any of our screenings. We continue to evaluate our hiring processes to make sure we are keeping the safety of students and staff at the center of everything we do. Our goal is to ensure every student, staff member, and community volunteer is safe in our schools and on our property.

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