Gov Brown Joins President Biden for Infrastructure Bill Signing

Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement today, after joining President Joe Biden for the signing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: 

“This historic investment will be a gamechanger for Oregon, and our nation — rebuilding our roads and bridges, bringing affordable broadband and clean drinking water to our communities, and building Oregon’s resilience to natural disasters,” said Governor Brown. “Infrastructure is critical to supporting the way Oregonians live, travel and stay active. This bill will both modernize our infrastructure and bring good-paying jobs to communities across our state — all while helping tackle climate change. We are excited and ready.

“Earlier this year, I outlined to Congress the vital resources Oregon needed to succeed. The Biden-Harris Administration and our Congressional delegation listened, and they delivered. Thank you.

“Most importantly, these critical investments take a huge step forward in lifting up our most vulnerable communities, and addressing decades of historic wrongs on our communities of color. We can now ensure these communities have access to good-paying jobs, affordable broadband, reliable public transit and other essential resources.”

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will bring billions of dollars in federal funding to Oregon, including:
• An expected $268 million for bridge replacement and repairs, and $3.4 billion to help modernize Oregon’s roads and highways;
• An expected $747 million to upgrade public transportation systems;
• More than $52 million to establish new Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure;
• An expected $529 million to provide clean drinking water and improve water infrastructure;
• At least $100 million to connect Oregonians across the state to affordable, high-speed internet;
• An expected $32 million to protect against wildfires; and more.

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